The Pickups

You're Not Welcome

I had a little place downtown
I loved having you around
we'd make all sorts of funny sounds
and that's alright
we got into a fight at a bar
you said you don't love me anymore
you left with another girl
that's alright

you said
"you're not welcome anymore"
and I said
"that's alright"

I guess that I wasn't their type
wasn't the grad school kind
I had other things on my mind
and that's alright
they said "honey, here's the door
you're not welcome anymore"
someone pushes you down on the floor
you say "I'm fine, I'm alright"

they said
"you're not welcome anymore"
and I said
"that's alright"

I found a little place I can hide
over on the other side
of this city's great divide
and it's alright
some call it South Riverdale
and others call it Leslieville
some people make their films
I sing mine

"you're not welcome anymore
I hope that's alright"

Lyrics Sarah Greene
Music Sarah Greene & Owen Keenan
Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved.